Experience Better Camping With The Best Camping Hammock

Camping is one of the most wonderful experiences that make any trip adventurous. Living in a tent or hammock makes you feel more geared up for the camping. A suspended hammock is easier and convenient than a tent camping. All you need is a better camping hammock and you are all set for the trip. Since centuries, hammocks have been available in different variants and can be set up on the ground with no extra support required.

The main condition for a better camping hammock is that it should be easy to suspend and robust for the suspension. Many of the Best Camping Hammocks are so easy to setup that you do not require standing or poles, as they seem to add to the heaviness and bulkiness to the hammock. Clark Hammock just happens to be a top leader of making quality hammocks, even a hammock with mosquito nets. You can also add a mosquito netting and a rain resistant layer on top of the hammock for protection to make it a best camping hammock experience. This of course depends on the climate around.

You could make your own hammock or get a commercial tent hammock that is light in weight and comfortable. These also help in protecting from insects and other risks. The level of suspension is based on choice. Also the enthusiasts get customized Best Camping Hammocks.

The most important feature that campers look for best camping hammocks is for sleep and comfort. The Hammocks can be attached to trees and can be removed. Thus, they are environmental friendly as they don’t damage barks, trees, grass and soul. Best Camping hammocks can be set up anywhere on the mountains, slopes, above ground etc. just keeping in mind to stay away from animals and reptiles.


Unlike the rain water that can seep through tents, hammocks remain protected from the same. The light weighted hammocks help them to be the best camping hammocks that can be carried as backpacks by travelers.

Best camping hammocks can also be customized with quilts and sleeping bags that can be compressed while sleeping and reduce the air trap and provide good insulation. Quilts are of two types: Top Quilt & under Quilt. The top quilt can be a blanket and the under quilt is underneath the best camping hammocks that provide air pockets that help to give heat to the body. This not only make it a warm bedding experience but also very comfortable.

One can also use an Insulating material like aluminum sheets and leaves that can be stuffed between the upper and lower quilt and can help the camper to stay warm in colder weather conditions. This is one of the best camping hammocks.

Some of the Best Camping Hammocks come in various shapes and are named after their shapes. For example the Eagle Nest hammock that is in the shape of the eagle nest. The tent Hammock that is one of the best camping hammocks that provides more leg room and space to relax as a tent.

So now that, the requisites are clear, one can get the best camping hammock and make your camping as a better camping experience.

Backpacking Anyone? Top Best Camping Hammocks

When traveling, your camping hammock is your best asset. And for those of you who think they’re not affordable, well…You’re Wrong! Most camping hammocks are a mixture of comfortableness, light and affordable.

Here just a sample list of the ones we found for every budget out there:

If something is bugging you (pun intended..haha), then you can look for a hammock that has a mosquito net. Most camping hammocks will also include a rain fly and straps. These hammocks will usually save you both on money and being more compact to carry.

These camping hammocks provide enough room for two people, which will make your camping and night more enjoyable. Most people who enjoy traveling will not mind traveling by foot, which is why the camping hammock has become so much more popular. Sleeping in a hammock keeps you above the ground, which for some is a plus due to laying on uncomfortable terrain with a tent and also because of bugs on the floor. Just find yourself a couple of trees that are close to each other, strap your hammock to them and voila, you’re done. This beats all the time it takes to set up a tent and takes from you enjoying Mother Nature.

As mentioned above, most hikers nowadays carry a camping hammock rather that carrying a tent. The options that a hammock offers over a tent is limitless due to the compact of the hammock and usefulness almost anywhere you go.

A camping hammock can serve other purposes other than just a place to sleep on, it can also act as a blanket or for rain cover, the versatility of them are endless. Just like any precious commodity, there are many options and makes to choose from, therefore, we have compiled some of the best ones out there for you to check out.

The Best Camping Hammocks For Every Option:

Clark Hammock –>Clark Vertex 2-Person Double Hammock

Kammock Hammock –> Kammok Wallaby

Hennessey Hammock –>Hennessy Hammock ULTRALITE BACKPACKER ZIP

Mosquito Hammock –>Single & Double Camping Hammock With Mosquito Net

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What would you give to be sleeping under the bright stars and cool breeze? Hearing the sound of the waves near an open beach, up in the rugged mountain viewing the beauty of nature, or just spending an evening in the comfort of your own backyard spending time with family. Whatever your reason for camping and using a hammock, is reason enough.

If you, or your loved ones, would rather not sleep on the ground while creepy crawlers are your sleeping partner, then the comfort of your camping hammock is all you need. Afraid of getting bit by flying insects, like mosquitoes, then the use of a mosquito net on your hammock is the way to go.


One of the best advice I ever received was to make sure and tie a good knot while hanging it up between trees, or soon you’ll be introduced to the ground real quick. On one of my first camping experiences, I attempted to tie my hammock on the trees where camping, well needless to say, I didn’t do such a good job as my face met ground…Nice to meet you Mr. Ground!

With so many options, especially for all you newbies, it can be a daunting task to know what camping hammock is best suited for you. I’ve always said, that when you’re out to try something for the first time, don’t go spend your life savings on it. Buy a hammock that is both affordable and durable and see if camping is a right fit for you. This way if you see that camping was just not meant for you, then you having gone through your life savings.

Here, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best camping hammocks that you might want to check out before you break the bank.

Parachute Hammocks

These hammocks, also referred to as parachute hammocks, look like the shape of a boat and can fit one or two people. Most hammocks that claim to be able to fit two people, usually don’t let you know how uncomfortable it’ll be until it’s too late.

Unlike other hammocks, the parachute hammock is wider and longer than most camping hammocks which is beneficial even if it is just you that will be utilizing it. The extra added weight is not an issue compared to the comfortableness that you’ll feel in this type of hammock.

Here are some options:

The parachute hammock is quite affordable and very lightweight. Most of these type of hammocks, however, do not come with a mosquito net but can always be purchased separately. You will, however, find the mosquito net option on most jungle and hiking hammocks.

One advantage of not having a mosquito net is that you can always use a parachute hammock in the comfort of your front or back yard in your home. This way you can enjoy the views and fresh air most comfortably. However, as mentioned above, because of no mosquito net, you might want to look at another type of hammock or just purchase a net as an option.

Ultra Lightweight Hiking Hammocks

The ultra lightweight hiking hammock is the best choice for backpacking, camping, hiking or just trekking. You will hardly notice the weight of one of these hammocks but you will notice the hefty price on them. The cost of these ultra lightweight hammocks might just be worth buying it though as it won’t break your back.

Another downfall of the ultra lightweight hammock is its comfort level. These hammocks are only good if you’ll be out for a day or two or if you don’t have room in your backpack to carry a much more comfortable one.

Jungle Camping Hammock

King of the Jungle! This camping hammocks are what you want when camping in any kind of environment. They aren’t just durable, but they do their job to protect you in the woods or on the beach. The jungle camping hammock is ideal for long term camping or hiking as it is tough and rugged.

These type of hammocks usually come with a bunch of extras, like guy-lines, rain flys and nets for them mosquitoes. If you are looking at getting a hammock that is going to last you a long time, then the jungle camping hammock is the only way to go. The saying “you get what you pay for” holds true for this hammock as the price might be a little more than expected, but the end product is well worth it.

About the only drawback with the jungle camping hammock is its weight, although I’d rather carry a little extra weight and be safe, than have to worry about ever-changing weather conditions. The jungle hammock is great if you plan to be out in the wilderness for 300 plus days out of the year.

jungle camping hammock

What About Camping Hammock Tents

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered if you’re looking for a hammock that never grew up and still thinks it’s a tent…hahaha! These tents are well worth the price as not only is a device you can use as a tent, but it doubles as a hammock within that tent. Yes!, you heard that right.

One of the major players in the camping hammock tent is the Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock. This company is well known and has won its share of awards for its versatile and quality products. Unlike regular camping hammocks which layer over you when you lie on them, this camping hammock tent lays flat and offers a wider area for you to toss and turn.

lawson camping hammock tent

Also, as mentioned previously, you can use the hammock tent as a tent. You can literally pitch it on the ground and have the comfort a tent provides. The only downside to this camping hammock tent is its price and weight, which almost makes it not work it for a beginner.